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Figure One: These signs have the same forward movement, but their Location differs. SEE (left) is from the eyes, whilst TELL (right) is from the lips. FIGURE 8 Figure Two: These signs have the same location in front of the signer and both move in small forward circles. Their different handshapes create two unique signs; PRAISE (left) and CRITICISE (right). Figure Three: HEAVY (left) and BRITAIN (right) have the same location in front of the signer and both make two small movements downwards. They also share the same handshape. However, the orientation of the handshape (upwards/ downwards) is different. FIGURE 9 DOG Figure Four: In Britain, one of the orientations of this gesture is seen as offensive. However, in the USA they may be seen as variants of the same gesture. Figure Five: The same handshape, location and orientation are used for LIVE and FEEL. Their movement differs, with the hand moving once upwards for FEEL and making small repeated up and down motions for LIVE. Figure Six: The signs GOVERNMENT and GARAGE share location, handshape, orientation and movement (the top fist moves down to strike the bottom fist twice). They are differentiated by mouthing the word ‘government’ or ‘garage’ during the sign. Figure Seven: The signs DEPRESSED (left) and RELIEVED (right) share location, handshape, orientation and movement (the hand moves once downwards). They are differentiated by the facial expression. Figure Eight: A sign sentence is shown in English gloss (top) and English translation (bottom). Figure Nine: At the top is the sign DOG in BSL. The hands move twice downwards in this sign. DOG is being modified by facial expression to show a fierce dog. To the right of it is the sign written in English Gloss (A), below are Stokoe Notation (B), SignWriting (C) and HamNoSys (D). 27