• Issue 1 How to speak Venusian
  • Issue 2 The lost and found language of gay men
  • Issue 3 The Language of Conflict & Conflict Resolution
  • Issue 4 The 'scientific' language of beauty adverts
  • Issue 5 Will computers take over translation?
  • Issue 6 The David Crystal Interview
  • Issue 7 Shakespeare's language
  • Issue 8 The first step in understanding Chinese
  • Issue 9 Childhood in three languages
  • Issue 10 Place names & language
  • Issue 11 English and Egyptian

Babel is a new magazine all about language and linguistics

With Prof. David Crystal as Linguistic Advisor and Profs. Lesley Jeffries and Dan McIntyre as co-editors, Babel is written and compiled by world-class linguists. Nevertheless, it is aimed at a wide range of language-lovers, bringing cutting edge research in linguistics to our subscribers in an accessible and fun glossy magazine.

Stephen Fry on Babel:
"Can’t recommend Babel highly enough -
if you love language you’ll be blown away by Babel magazine:
for pros & all language enthusiasts"

Click the cover to read our sample issue, or download a PDF

 Each issue comprises 52 pages of language-lovers' lore, covering a vast array of topics such as:

• The vagaries of English spelling.
• The lost language of gay men.
• How language can be used as forensic evidence.
• The scientific discourse of beauty adverts.
• A linguist's personal account of the effects of stroke on his language abilities.

Each issue of Babel also includes regular features such as:

Meet the Professional - an interview with someone who uses linguistics in their career.
Linguistic Lexicon - a glossary of linguistic terms.
• Languages of the World - a description of a lesser-known language.
Ask a Linguist - a reader's language-related question is posed to a linguist.
Lives in Language - a biography of a legendary linguist.
Language Games - puzzles and quizzes to test your skills.
• Reviews - of general interest language books.

Babel is available in both print and digital editions. To subscribe to Babel today, visit Subscribe to Babel.

"Call yourself a language lover and you don't read Babel?
A contradiction in terms"
- David Crystal

Play the video for more on Babel from our Linguistic Consultant, Professor David Crystal!

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